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A community of soul-centered entrepreneurs harnessing the power of business in service to humanity.

About Us

Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, our aim is to inspire entrepreneurs to become the embodiment of their highest nature and to utilize their businesses as vehicles for social and economic change in the world.

Why You Should Join Us

The Roundtable Fellowship is a growth vortex for Entrepreneurs who are seeking a new and fresh perspective regarding the role of business in today's society. This community is for people who are open and ready to experience growth on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

How To Join

In order to join the Fellowship community you must be a student of the Roundtable MasterClass — an online course that provides entrepreneurs with the tools, language, and frameworks, for becoming the embodiment of their highest nature. The course is high-level curriculum that will help to expedite your spiritual development.

You can learn more on how to join at www.givingbusinesssoul.com/roundtable

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To gain access either 'Request to Join' above or check you email for the original invitation to the Roundtable Fellowship.

For the time being, your login credential will be different than the course login to access the Fellowship community. If you still need support please email [email protected]